Weather Conditons:

WHAT TO DO WHEN THE WEATHER FORECAST CAUSES HAVOC ON NWOYSL GAMES... All game cancelations will be posted on the website as soon as the League is aware of them. Coaches are NOT permitted to cancel games. A Club Contact or Field Director must be the person contacting the League’s officer on call to cancel games. Please remember a few things: As long as a game reaches half-time, the game score stands as is, and the game will not be continued at a later date or rescheduled. The score will be posted as it was at the time the game is suspended. The games that do not occur, and those that have been suspended prior to half-time, must be replayed.Please do not pay the referee for a game that is NOT completed. The game will be restarted at the beginning of the game. It is the responsibility of the teams, not the referees, to inform the League Office that this has occurred. It is the responsibility of each team to reschedule the game within 48 hours of the game being canceled or not played due to weather related circumstances. If this is not completed, the League Office will reschedule your game. Once the teams mutually agree on a NEW date/time – send the league office an email stating game number and new information and we will update the website. Once the office reschedules your game, teams will not be permitted to select an alternative date and/or time. Unless they pay for a Reschedule. If teams reschedule their own games without the League Office's approval, unfortunately, the game will be considered an "illegal" game, which means penalties for both teams. We appreciate your cooperation and Thank you.

Game Day Rosters & Scores

Step by Step Game Day Instructions are here. Also how to ADD a guest player to your roster for a game! 


If you cannot log in to your team page: you can access GAME REPORTS, go to the schedule page of the league website. Click on your division, Click on your team. Go to the list of your games at the bottom of the page - for the game you need click on "VS" and you will be directed to a page where you can PRINT the GAME DAY REPORT! 

Spring Season

Please remember to print game day rosters before every game. Scores must be reported online 24 hrs AFTER game.  Referees will need both player and admin cards at the beginning of every game. Certified Referees are to be paid at each game. Game reports can be usps mailed or emailed into the league office. 

Referee Fees: 

Age Group       Referee  Fee    Asst Ref. Fee     Total $ per Game    Game  Length

U7/U8                     $30                None              $15.00                    4/10 minute Quarters

U9, U10                   $30               None               $15.00                   2/25 Minute Halves

U11& U12               $34                $25                $42.00                   2/30 Minute Halves

U13, U14, U15        $40                $30                $50.00                    2/35 Minute Halves


ALL games must have a score entered. Any game without a score at the end of the season will be treated as a 0-0 TIE. ****If you cannot enter the score - you can always send an email to the league office - with the Game Number, Date of Game, and the teams with the scores. *****

Coach Safe Soccer (Risk) Approved

I have posted instructions for both NEW coaches and RETURNING coaches on the forms page and also here. 

There has been some confusion with the Expiration of the dates. Please be aware that you can renew 60 days from the expiration date. Some returning coaches may fall out of approval during the seasonal year and will get an email stating it is time to renew. Please do not ignore that email.