•  Scheduling is NOW open. Remember only admins listed on the roster will have access to the team's schedule. If a team does not have s STAFF member listed - no one will be able to enter games for that team. You are only to enter your home games AFTER you and the other coach have agreed upon the date & time.
  • All schedules MUST be completed by March 10th. 
  • For log in issues, you must reach out to Demosphere directly. You must log in with email listed in Demosphere. 
  • Team Contacts are listed on the Contact page of the website. 

  •  Season runs from March 27 - May 31st. Please check with your club for field availability. 


Become a Referee

Click here ...Become a Referee!  

Coaching Classes

Looking to take the next step in your coach education?

Over 30 different course options are available throughout Ohio, LOCAL CLASSES too; including two recently added USSF 'C' Courses. https://bit.ly/3HtHElI 



Respect Refs

NWOYSL  & Ohio Soccer Association strongly encourages spectators and coaches to let players playlet referees ref, and set an example for appropriate behavior and messaging during every game. Pressure from the sidelines is one of the leading causes of children/youth and referees leaving the game. Instead, NWOYSL & OSA encourages all sideline spectators to help build a positive, supporting environment by sharing appropriate messages – and whenever necessary, simply walking away when frustrated. The truth is – there will be calls you don’t like or agree with. Both players and referees will make mistakes. Heckling them about it does very little other than discourage both of them and provide them reason to consider leaving the game. What kind of work environment do you enjoy? It’s probably not one where people are yelling at you all the time.

Please join us in setting a positive example for all, and encourage others to do the same.

Our game has no place for disrespect!

Game Day Rosters & Scores

Step by Step Game Day Instructions are here. Also how to ADD a guest player to your roster for a game! 


If you cannot log in to your team page: you can access GAME REPORTS, go to the schedule page of the league website. Click on your division, Click on your team. Go to the list of your games at the bottom of the page - for the game you need click on "VS" and you will be directed to a page where you can PRINT the GAME DAY REPORT! 

Spring Season

Please remember to print game day rosters before every game. Scores must be reported online 24 hrs AFTER game.  Referees will need both player and admin cards at the beginning of every game. Certified Referees are to be paid at each game. Game reports can be usps mailed or emailed into the league office. 

Referee Fees: 

Age Group       Referee  Fee    Asst Ref. Fee     Total $ per Game    Game  Length

U7/U8                     $30                None              $15.00                    4/10 minute Quarters

U9, U10                   $30               None               $15.00                   2/25 Minute Halves

U11& U12               $34                $25                $42.00                   2/30 Minute Halves

U13, U14, U15        $40                $30                $50.00                    2/35 Minute Halves


ALL games must have a score entered. Any game without a score at the end of the season will be treated as a 0-0 TIE. ****If you cannot enter the score - you can always send an email to the league office - with the Game Number, Date of Game, and the teams with the scores. *****

Coach Safe Soccer (Risk) Approved

I have posted instructions for both NEW coaches and RETURNING coaches on the forms page and also here. 

There has been some confusion with the Expiration of the dates. Please be aware that you can renew 60 days from the expiration date. Some returning coaches may fall out of approval during the seasonal year and will get an email stating it is time to renew. Please do not ignore that email.