End of the Season Awards

Awards...Rather than us choosing an award that we think everyone will absolutely love (because we all know that isn’t possible 😊), we are going to do things a little differently this year.  For any team that wins their respective division, your club will be issued a check.  The amount of the check will be based on the total number of players on your roster.  So, if you have 17 players on your roster, your club will receive a check for $170.00.  Then you can purchase any type of award for your team. The checks will be issued to your club and made payable to your club.  In the event a club would like to have a check made payable to a coach or manager, contact must be made with the league office, by the club contact only.  Clubs must be in good standings with the league (all fees paid) before checks will be issued to the clubs. Of course in order to determine winners ALL scores must be entered for all games.