New to NWOYSL Team Fee: 11v11- $550.00, 9v9- $500, 7v7- $400, 4v4- $300.00

All teams are NEW in the fall.

Adding players, coaches, managers to a team: $0.00 before August 4th

Late adding players, coaches, managers to a team: $40.00 after August 5th

              *You can add players on your team all fall season.

Dropping a player: $0.00

Inter Club Transfer: $0.00 (switch teams within the same club)

Guest player Roster (non NWOYSL player, but US Youth Soccer): $25.00 per player

Transfers that are Switching Clubs: $35.00

Rescheduling a game AFTER August 8th: $35.00 or $100.00 depending on the timing of the reschedule.

Fee for ANY game NOT scheduled by deadline: $35.00 Rescheduling Fee.


August 21st  – Season Begins

October 31st – Season Ends