Ohio SOUTH & FALL 2020

May 4, 2020 Ohio South is pleased to welcome Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League (NWOYSL) as its newest competitive member. Based in Maumee, OH, the objective of the NWOYSL is to promote youth soccer in the northwest of the state. The NWOYSL supported teams from approximately 39 different youth soccer clubs during the 2019-20 season.

Jen Kidder, President of NWOYSL, said, “Change will be a great thing! NWOYSL is so excited about taking our membership to a new home with Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.  We are confident that our member clubs will very quickly see the many benefits available to them and their families.  We are looking forward to all that Ohio South has to offer in order to continue to grow the game of soccer in NW Ohio, while providing our players the best possible playing experiences.”

Gordon Henderson, Ohio South Executive Director, agrees. “We are excited to welcome Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League into Ohio South. In our conversations with Jen and Kim (Sarmento; League Director/Registrar), we feel that we can offer additional avenues of support and growth for the league and its members. As we work together to build the game and support its existing structure, we hope to provide your players a wonderful playing experience.”

The NWOYSL will open their Fall 2020 season as their first with Ohio South, pending final submission of bylaws.

For more information on NWOYSL, please visit nwoysl.org.