Updates 6/2020

NWOYSL Member Clubs:

There are a few things that I would like to make sure that you are clear on, since we operate differently than Ohio North.

  1. Players are only allowed to play on/be rostered to one team in Ohio South at any given time, but the team may play in multiple Ohio South leagues.
  2. After a player has been carded by the league, any permanent movement by the player (i.e. to a different club or a different team in the same club) qualifies as a transfer, and requires transfer paperwork.
    1. The transfer form must be signed by the player and/or parent.
    2. The coach from the team the player is leaving as well as the team the player is joining are required to sign the form. If a coach chooses not to sign the form, the transfer goes into a 14 day hold, after which time it will be approved by the league(s).
    3. If the player is crossing leagues (moving from one club in one league to a different club in a different league), both leagues must approve the transfer – which will only be done after all the signatures are collected and the old player card is handed in. If a coach has chosen not to sign, and all other signatures are present, it will be held for 14 days and then approved.
    4. A transfer fee may apply.
  3. Because Ohio South has different requirements for our background check than does Ohio North, all coaches in NWOYSL will need to submit a new background check this season in Player’s Health (which will have API for information flow into Demosphere).
  1. All other risk requirements for coaches, board members, staff, admins/managers, etc. will also be handled in Player’s Health.
  2. The cost is $18. (paid for by the coach)
  3. This check is valid for two years.
  1.       Concussion Training: if you hold a current training from CDC or NFHS, you will be able to upload it in PH.
  2.       SafeSport: because this is renewed on an annual basis, most will have to complete again anyway. This will be available in PH.
  3.       Lindsay’s Law: we require that coaches and trainers acknowledge we have provided them with the Lindsay’s Law information. There will be a sign off in PH.
  4.       Infectious Disease Waiver: given current circumstances, this is a new waiver that will be signed within PH.
  1. A reminder of who needs to complete what:
  1.       Coaches, trainers, athletic trainers: All requirements.
  2.       Any other adult (board members, staff, club admins/managers, tournament organizers, organizational employees with opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to minors): background check and SafeSport.
  1. Finally, Kim will continue to be a valuable arm of support for you, but please don’t hesitate to utilize Demosphere support. They have a nice live chat feature that I’ve come to enjoy personally, as well as a phone line (800-949-9440, Option 2) and email (support@demosphere.com).

We will notify everyone when Player’s Health is available for use. We are very close. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to myself or our office (office@osysa.com, 513-576-9555).