Respect Refs

NWOYSL  & Ohio Soccer Association strongly encourages spectators and coaches to let players playlet referees ref, and set an example for appropriate behavior and messaging during every game. Pressure from the sidelines is one of the leading causes of children/youth and referees leaving the game. Instead, NWOYSL & OSA encourages all sideline spectators to help build a positive, supporting environment by sharing appropriate messages – and whenever necessary, simply walking away when frustrated. The truth is – there will be calls you don’t like or agree with. Both players and referees will make mistakes. Heckling them about it does very little other than discourage both of them and provide them reason to consider leaving the game. What kind of work environment do you enjoy? It’s probably not one where people are yelling at you all the time.

Please join us in setting a positive example for all, and encourage others to do the same.

Our game has no place for disrespect!